Pastor puts light on Easter message |

Jay Voorhees, pastor of Antioch United Methodist Church, transformed a cardboard box used to send bodies to crematoria into an altar.

He taped pictures of a crucified Jesus around the rim and placed a big cross atop, surrounding it with candles. The words, “It is finished,” hung to the side. Voorhees put a church pew a couple of feet in front of the altar for visitors to rest and face their mortality.

Pastor puts light on Easter message | | The Tennessean.

One thought on “Pastor puts light on Easter message |

  1. who is it in your congregation that works for the associated press that you always get into the papers.. too bad no one reads the paper anymore. &:~D

    i hope it goes well, if i get a chance i’d love to come down and see, but LA isn’t in my usual drive. &:~(

    we have an art gallery on “the Last Week” going now through Holy Week that the youth put together. so i am pretty stoked about that one.

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