Merry Christmas McKendree…

…from the state and the feds. I reported on this situation early on, but the following letter from Ron Lowrey, District Superintendent of the Cumberland District and a board member at McKendree pretty much describes the situation and the problems ahead.

On December 30, 2007, there will be a change in the nursing care services of McKendree Village. For 47 years our purpose has been to provide quality retirement living and health care services for senior adults in a secure, Christian environment. Our board is still committed to this goal and is doing everything possible to implement this vision.


As a result of not passing a recent inspection, our board immediately began to respond. We partnered with leaders from the United Methodist Church, Vanderbilt University, and high quality health care professions to continue the well being of the senior adults in our nursing care. We engaged the efforts of a team of lawyers to try to secure a temporary restraining order. These legal efforts to extend our services to the elderly receiving Medicare and TennCare were not successful.
Our board very much regrets these results and is deeply sorry for the pain and suffering endured by the residents, their families, and our staff.

Throughout the process Jim Robinson and Carmen Lyle-Henley, our pastoral care team, are visiting with the residents, staff, and the families to provide hope in this time of crisis. Approximately fifty pastors of the Cumberland District visited with some of those in our care. Bishop Dick Wills is constantly on site to further enhance our ministry. All of these efforts insure stellar Christian services for those in our nursing care. These efforts will continue as patients are transferred to other facilities.

By December 29, unless a miracle happens, our population will be reduced to approximately 70 persons who are funded through private payments. Approximately 200 persons will have been transferred to other locations and we will not be the second largest senior care facility in our state. This is not the fulfillment of our 47 year old vision or is it reflective of our traditional high quality care and numerous awards. However, our board will make a transition.

At the start of 2008, another leadership team will guide us in a new transformational effort. Our board will pursue restarting our services for the elderly and will continue our efforts to fulfill our mission. Through our board and its partners we can restore our mission and met the senior care needs of our community.

As we move forward, the support of our local churches is needed. During the Christmas holidays, visits would be very helpful. On December 23, Bishop Wills is requesting our prayers for McKendree Village. We are not now what we dream to become; however, we have a vision to fulfill our purpose and together we can bring this goal into reality.

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