McKendree nursing home could close


A Hermitage nursing home is in danger of closing by the end of the year, leaving residents wondering where they’ll go if kicked out.
The state health department suspended new admissions to the 300-bed Health Care Center at McKendree Village on Thursday, and the nursing home is being fined $8,500 per day by the federal government, a fine that was made retroactive to Oct. 1.

McKendree nursing home could close – Nashville, Tennessee – Monday, 12/03/07 –

Okay, maybe the violations were a bit more serious than I thought. This is a huge black eye for United Methodists in the Tennessee Conference, and I hope that we can discern how the governing board of the facility allowed things to progress to this point.

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One thought on “McKendree nursing home could close

  1. yeah, this starting to look bad. my grandfather-in-law is there, but i don’t know what immediate family was around to make it to the meeting.

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