McKendree Village: A Few Thoughts

I’ve been posting these cryptic notes on the recent situation at McKendree Village, but haven’t had time to really comment on my thoughts.

A good friend of mine is legal counsel for the Metro Nashville Health System, which includes the Bordeaux Long Term Care facility. Bordeaux recently went through a similar proceeding, which has since been cleared up.

Marc tells me that the state investigators have been recently a bit more activist in their inspections, and that many of the issues tend to be administrative rather than related to specific care. This can include issues with the paperwork, or things that can fall out of the control of the facility, such as a resident propping open a door that isn’t supposed to be open. In most cases these complaints can easily be remedied, and the facility quickly comes back into compliance.

I haven’t been over to McKendree recently, but all indications from others is that it is no worse than any other long term care facility. I have confidence that all will be righted quickly.


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One thought on “McKendree Village: A Few Thoughts

  1. I worked there through agencies and directly for them…..and my only surprise is that it didn’t happen sooner. No matter what I reported in substandard care…nothing was done about it. That includes violence , lack of care, neglect….etc. I know that it may not be any better or worse than others. But that is not saying much…is it.

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