All I want for Christmas

Well, I AM about to go overseas, and my existing digital camera IS old and worn out. This looks like a reasonable replacement.

My Wish List

2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas

  1. Jay,
    Hard to tell from the pic, but is that a Panasonic Lumix? Decent camera with good options without getting into the $1000 range of the D40, D80 or Rebel. I just bought a Lumix TZ3, smaller in profile but it is one of the few small digitals that has wide angle as well as a 10x zoom built in. I’ve found that I need wide angle as much as overpowered zooms. In Jan I’m heading back to Israel, and this time Petra, Jordan, so wanted some pic options I haven’t had before. Another thing: (Pro) the TZ3 is still small enough to keep in a jacket pocket so I’m more likely to have it with me, (Con) it just doesn’t look as “camerish” or professional in case I want to impress people that I’m taking “real” pictures.

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