I simply don’t understand…a Britney Rant

We know that Britney is at least:

  • Mentally unbalanced.
  • Most likely continuing to use mind altering substances (based on the decisions of the courts in the child custody case).
  • Deemed by the courts to be unfit to be a custodial parent, due to her lifestyle.

It is clear to the most amateur observer that this is a person whose life is out of control, and that she needs serious help.

And yet, we seem to revel in her dysfunction, taking great joy that the mighty have fallen. And apparently, we want the roller coaster to continue, for her latest release, a breathy but unspectacular ditty titled “More” keeps moving up the charts.

Tonight as we were driving home from church the song was the second most requested song in Nashville on the local top forty station (that my 12 year old daughter makes me listen to). I listened to the song for the first time and frankly it was pretty typical white girl hangs out with hip hop artist teen pop. The best I could say is that it might pass the American Bandstand test (“…I’ll give it a 79 because its got a good beat and you can dance to it…”). Could it be that we are so sadistic that we are requesting the song simply out of our desire to fuel Britney’s destructive behaviors? Could it be that we really like our daily dose of dirt, and a wealthy Britney is likely to give us more and more?

Stop it! No, I’m not simply an old curmudgeon who doesn’t like the music. Rather I am an old curmudgeon that understands that you don’t give persons with destructive and dysfunctional behaviors more fuel by which to kill themselves. We have got to stop rewarding those who bring us our cheap thrills, understanding that most of them must hit rock bottom before they will seek the help they need. Keeping Britney in the limelight does nothing but feed her mind with the belief that what she is doing must be okay because the masses love her.

Honestly, we don’t love her by buying records. We love her by praying for her, trying to get her to realize that there is much more to life than pleasing fans and the VIP lifestyle, and not encouraging a destructive lifestyle by refusing to support her financially.

Sometimes, all of us need tough love.

I think it’s that time for Britney, so stop the madness . . . please!

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