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You may notice that I have reinstated the Blogger Bar at the top of the site. I had taken this off (I am one of those who has been aroung long enought that I have an old Blogspot Plus site which allows me to omit it entirely), thinking that it was basically an advertisement for Blogger. Then, earlier today, I needed to search my archives for an earlier post. I looked on-line for a blog search tool, only to discover that Google had included a great blog search tool in the Blogger system — the Blogger Bar! The search worked like a charm, and I am going to leave it on the site for future reference.

Many of the emerging blogger types use Moveable Type based systems, either TypePad or on their own servers. I have continued to stay with Blogger because 1) it’s free; 2) it’s very customizable, and 3) I’m too lazy to learn anything else. I use an outside interface to write, post, and edit (wbloggar) anyway, so which system to use is pretty transparent. However, this search tool is cool because it’s Google based and works.

Thanks again Google.

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