:::Praying the Psalms — Psalm 24:::

Creating God, Master of the Universe,
we know that you made everything.
You provided the foundation upon which all we have,
   all we experience,
   all we know,
It’s all yours, every single bit,
   from the single celled organism
   to the largest of land animals.
You took the waters of chaos and swirled them together
   and there was the Earth, arising from the magical brew,
   this land that we live upon and rejoice in.

   in the face of your power,
   your majesty,
   your awesomeness,
      who in the world can enter your presence?
The honest.
   The upright.
      Those who don’t cheat.
   Those who don’t steal.
      Those who attempt to be the folks that you have called them to be.
You honor those who be what they should be.

The rest of us,
   those who don’t quite live up that standard
   better get ready
   for you are on your way
   coming to clean house
   and make this world what you wanted it to be in the first place.
You’ve got your weapons ready,
   your whip of cords
   and are ready to turn over some tables.
      We shouldn’t be surprised when it happens,
      and it surely will.


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