:::Praying the Psalms — Psalm 5:::

I am be following the Psalm readings for morning prayer found on the Universalis site.

Dear God,
Here I am again, so I hope that you will listen. I know that I ramble on, that I seem to ask the same prayers over and over again, but you continue to show up and listen so here I go again.

I confess to you that the words of the Psalmist are a struggle for me. So many of the Psalms focus on how you abhor the wicked, something that I have a hard time believing. You know that I believe that you love all, so when the Psalmist shares such raw emotion about those “bad” people, I squirm a bit.

Then, I remember those who I think are bringing forth evil in the world. I remember those of us who trample the poor, who use our power to hurt others. I remember the evil perpetuated in the name of profit. I have seen evil, in fact, I see it every day. I know how I feel in the face of that evil, how I want to scream and shout. In the face of that pain and emotion it’s not too far of a jump to call the wrath of God down on the those who thwart justice.

In the midst of all of this though is still an invitation. The Psalmist writes: “You are famous God, for welcoming God-seekers, for decking us out in delight.” Yes, you abhor evil. You want the behavior to stop. But you don’t reject the person for if they turn to seek you your arms open and you welcome them to the party.

When I think about who I have been, the evil that I have perpetuated in the past, I too am amazed that I too have been allowed into your house. Help me to recognize that the space between the wicked and myself isn’t that distant.

And by the way, help me O God to get up tomorrow morning and ramble on to you again.

Take care,

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