Explain Typepad To Me

In January of 2003 I set up this blog as a means of “accountable journaling.” I had always wanted to journal, but usually failed miserably. So I thought I would do this with the belief that knowing it might be read by others would make me likely to write. That hasn’t always been the case, but I do confess that I now have faces and names associated with “an audience” so I am more likely to keep this up than the myriad of half empty blank books that line my desk.

Back in the old days, nearly two years ago, there were limits to the available systems for blogging. I choose Blogger because it was easy, and more importantly because it was free. Since that time I have used it to learn some basic html tricks and discovered all sorts of add-ons which enhance my page and make keeping this maintained easier. Along the way I have played with a couple of other systems, including the basic version of Typepad, but have come back to Blogger as a more customizable system.

Recently I have seen another favorite emerging blogger migrate to Typepad, and I’m trying to determine what I would gain by making a similar decision. I would appreciate any thoughts that those who read this and use Typepad have on why I should switch (and likewise, comments on why I shouldn’t). Leave me a comment and we’ll see what happens.

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