Pastoral Exhaustion

My energy level is pretty well depleted. I’m supposed to teach a Bible study on the Beatitudes in a half hour or so, but I can’t get motivated to prepare so I guess I will just wing it (that’s why I went to seminary, wasn’t it?)

The woman who I wrote about earlier is in the last stages of her life. It is very likely that life support will be removed today. Last night, after leading worship and playing guitar for the choir, I got a call that the family was thinking that life support would be removed last night, so I got the girls home and started to bed, and then headed down to the hospital to be with the family. Of course, it was an emotionally difficult time as family is trying to determine the right course of action. Then, the on-call doc decided that he wasn’t fully comfortable with removing life support until talking with the other docs in the morning (basically, a CYA move). It was an emotional rollercoaster for the family, and pretty much wore me out too.

What are the tasks of ministry that wear you out? How do you deal with your exhaustion? I’d be interested in knowing?

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