Kill Them All . . . Let God Sort It Out

Will posted today a great image and link that originates from the good folks at Sojourners.

willzhead: Confessing Christ in a Time of War

When I read this, I couldn’t quite believe that a Christian pastor would say such a thing. So, I checked out the transcript on CNN and pulled up the interview, which was a discussion between Wolf Blitzer, Jerry Falwell, and Jesse Jackson. Here is the quote in context:

FALWELL: Well, I don’t know who to believe, but I know this, that it was certainly, I think, inappropriate for him here with two weeks to go in the election. He’s my good friend, just like Jesse is, but he was wrong on that. He shouldn’t have said that. And I want to take the president’s word on this one. He says he didn’t say it. I think there could have been a misunderstanding. I’m not calling anybody a liar. I’m simply saying that this president, talking about the terrorists and the — how many we’ve lost, 1,100 soldiers, that’s a terrible price.

But when you consider the barbaric act we just uncovered in the last 24 hours, the Iraqi soldiers murdered, they weren’t insurgents. They were barbarians who did that. You don’t shoot people in the back of the head and kill people, men, women and children.

And the president’s doing the right thing. He’s looking for them, he’s searching them out. He’s killing them when he finds them. And that’s the only cure for barbarians.

BLITZER: Reverend Jackson, I’ll give you the last word. Go ahead.

JACKSON: Well, Pat Robertson purports to have connections with a direct higher authority to which Mr. Bush must submit.

FALWELL: So do you, Jesse.

JACKSON: So, Jerry, you should not abandon your friend, Pat Robertson, for the president.

I submit to you today that our going to Iraq was a misadventure. It has put America in isolation. We are losing lives, money and losing our character in that war.

We deserve better leadership. And we need…

FALWELL: I’d rather be killing them over there than fighting them over here, Jesse. And I think you would…

JACKSON: Let’s stop the killing and choose peace. Let’s choose negotiation over confrontation.

FALWELL: Well, I’m for that too. But you’ve got to kill the terrorists before the killing stops. And I’m for the president to chase them all over the world. If it takes 10 years, blow them all away in the name of the Lord.

JACKSON: That does not sound Biblical to me. And that sounds ridiculous.

FALWELL: Well, when they kill my family and blow those towers down — and right now, who knows between now and November 2? We know what they did in Spain, in Australia. I look for it here.

I’d rather be shooting them over there than shooting them over here.

I can’t believe it!


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