My life doesn’t allow me to get to the movies very much, so while many folks have posted about the movie “Saved” quite a while ago, I’ve had to wait for the DVD release. I put it on last night after a full day at the church with the intention of watching only half, and ended up sucked into watching the whole thing.

Certainly, the movie plays on stereotypes of conservative, evangelical culture. Yet, it also reflected the ambiguity found in that culture between sincere religious expression and the desire to fit in a particular culture (in this case, the Christian teen subculture).

What struck me was the willingness of the writers and director to play out the reality of the gospel in this context. As depicted in this movie, the “Christians” fulfill the role of the Pharisees, using the legal system they have developed to exclude. These persons are sincere in their desire for conversion to their way of being, but are blinded about how condescending their confidence and assurance of belief appears to others. Likewise, it was the most unlikely persons — the rebellious girl accused of being a stripper, the handicapped cynic, the gay teenager whose innocence was almost overwhelming — who most clearly offer love and acceptance to the teen who finds herself unexpectantly with child.

It’s not the greatest movie in the history of the planet, but I enjoyed it and would recommend that folks check it out. “Jesus of Montreal” perhaps does a better job of articulating these themes, but in all it’s not a bad film.

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