Habbo Hotel

For several months, Andrew Jones has been running his “Suddenly Seminary” discussion area on the Habbo Hotel system in England. Recently, Jordon Cooper has created the “Resonate Lounge” on the Habbo site in Canada.

The Habbo folks are in the process of developing the US site, and I have created a space for talk and worship. I hope in the near future to schedule some regular study times online as well.

Here is how to visit:

1) Go to www.habbohotel.com

2) Click on “Check In” and follow the instructions to create your own Habbo (avatar).

3) Go to the navigator screen and click on the “guest rooms ” tab.

4) Click in the search window and search for “VividChurch.” Hit go.

5) You will be asked to enter a password. The password is cof

I will be around tonight as I work on my sermon. Feel free to drop by.

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