Ending the Day with Renee

Sorry that the last post came so late in the day. Blogger was acting strange and it took a while to get everything republished.

As we end “stumbling toward faith” day here at OWU, I want to post another passage from the book:

i heard the shepherd coming a long way off. he was whistling.

“hey,” he said to me. “i have missed you. i am so glad i found you.

he extended a hand to wipe my tear-stained, dusty cheeks.

“come back with me,” he said. “come back to the others.”

“no,” i said

he looked surprised, but it did not change the immense compassion on his face.

“no,” i said again. “i can’t go back. i don’t want to. i don’t trust the other 99. i don’t want to be hurt again. please don’t make be be hurt again.”

the shepherd say down on the ground next to me.

“okay,” he said quietly. “i’ll just stay here with you then . . . “

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