Hanging Out At the Church of Fools

I’ve mentioned in a past post that I have been hanging out on-line at the Church of Fools, serving as a honorary reverend for this “virtual church.” However, I realized in a conversation today that I really haven’t shared much on that part of my life, a new chapter which has probably slowed down my writing a bit.

The Church of Fools is an experiment in Christian community created by the guys who run the Ship of Fools web site. Ship of Fools is a British site dedicated to conversation and satire on the church and faith. Over time, as community began to gel at SOF, the desire to create a real-time, on-line “church” arose and the Church of Fools was created as a three month experiment.

Since its launch, the Church of Fools has seen many, many folks visit and has developed its own structure. It’s not unlike any church, in that it had to develop its own language, its own system of rules and polity, and all the things that any “real” church would have to develop. Although the official experimental time is over, the church has remained open while we evaluate what hs happened and think about where to go in the future.

It is an interesting place. At various times during the day, when I have a few free minutes, I will drop in to see what’s happening. I have “counseled” folks about addictions. I have prayed with folks who are struggling with a variety of issues. And maybe most importantly, I have entered into conversation again and again with folks who have been alienated by the church and aren’t sure about God, but who still want to check things out. I also lead an occasional prayer service, which forces me to think about worship in new ways.

I share all this as an invitation to check out the COF. The person I was talking to asked if I ever interacted with folks from my “real” congregation on-line. I do interact with others from Nashville, including one of my former parishioners and a good friend. But I don’t know if my own folks ever drop by. So come on by y’all. Look for me — I’m Rev. Jay. Let’s talk about what God is doing in your life.

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