More Notes from Tim Keel

  • Tim made reference to Wendell Berry’s “Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community” which is a Berry book I haven’t red but need to get.
  • “Ministry is an overflow of an intimate conversation with God.”
  • “The message of the prophets is always tied up in the person of the messenger.” Thus preaching (sharing the message of God) always involves an interaction with the person preaching the sermon.
  • In the Western (American) church, preaching usually comes from a posture of privilege rather than a posture of woe.
  • One of Tim’s church members, commenting on folks living outside a particular community who commute to church in that community has said: “Commuting takes the unity out of community.”
  • Tim spoke of his giving up the need to persuade folks with his words. He sees preaching as embodying an alternative reality, describing and not persuading.
  • Four Questions for Preachers

  • Where are you feeling the rub in preaching?
  • What is working? What is not working? How do you know?
  • How do you understand preaching?
  • What questions do you have about God, faith, etc?
  • Movements of Preparation for Preaching

  • From preparation to meditation…
  • From comprehension to apprehension…
  • From composition to chaos…
  • From answers to questions…
  • From prose to poetry…
  • From prescription to description…
  • The art of preaching is the public unfolding of God in you.
  • The worship gathering is a corporate, public, personal spiritual discipline for the preacher and congregation
  • Thanks Tim for helping me to think through the act of preaching.

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