EC 2

I’m too tired and its too late to say much, other than I was pleased with the luncheon today on Dreaming of the Multicultural Church. When Rudy and I came up with the idea several months ago, it was somewhat of a wild hair that we quickly put together. But as we got closer to the date, I realized that I knew far less than I needed to, that I hadn’t experienced all of the facilitators, and I wasn’t completely sure if this would work.

We ended up with around 40 persons for lunch and conversation. The faciliatators did a great job of presenting issues for conversation and fielding questions. Of course, I would have liked to have had another hour, but I think it stimulated thought and hopefully we can build from here.

Of course, Mr. McLaren (I will go on hiatus of using the other name I love so well) did his usual job of rebel rousing, and ratcheting up the level of conversation. His insights on colonialism and white folks desire for multicultural ministries without a full understanding of all the dynamics was masterful (I’ll try to write more on this later).

As for the sessions, Jim Wallis was good but didn’t cover a lot of new ground for me. Brian’s session on pluralism was top notch as always, and I’m hoping we can get him to post his powerpoint presentation on his web site. Doug Pagitt just makes me smile, and I appreciated his session a bunch. Yeah, I should be more detailed, but it’s late after all.


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