Emergent Convention Day 1

Welcome to Nashville! Today folks from all over showed up at the Convention Center downtown to connect and participate in Critical Concerns Course. I spent some time in Brennan Manning’s “Experiencing Jesus” and heard again of the radical nature of God’s grace and love. I was planning on going back after the break, but ran into D J Chuang and Stacey Littlefield and experiencing God through community became much more important in the moment. I hate that I can’t go back to the course in the morning, but I will be getting ready for the Multicultural Ministries lunch.

Speaking of that, as of this afternoon we had 33 folks signed up. I think its going to be a great conversation.

It was great to drink coffee and spend some time with D J. I have to go check out the “For Ministry” site that he works with at ABS. D J was wearing a shirt with his Gallup Strengthfinders Strengths. In his honor I have to share my signature themes:


As Doug Pagitt has said, the EC is basically an event in which we spend several hundred dollars so that we can hang out. I know that’s true for me.

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