Reflections From Mickey D’s

As I was driving to the hospital this morning I noticd a grinding noise every time I applied the brakes in the mini-van. I have known for some time that the breaks are in need of checking, but I have chosen my normal practice of avoidance, preferring to imagine that if I just ignore the problem it will go away (who me, passive/aggressive?). As I headed back to the church, the grinding got worse and worse, so I headed to the local service center and am now sitting at McDonald’s nursing a cup of coffee and wishing they would install wifi.

Oh great, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is playing on the muzak. Was it Kim Carnes who sang that . . . I can’t remember. All I know is that it sounds like it should be a Meatloaf song. Those of you who are too young to know who Meatloaf is, just watch VH-1 and I’m sure he will show up sometime soon.

UPDATE (11:30 am)
(McDonalds, Hickory Hollow Well, as I imagined, the caliper on he left front is shot, and the rest of the brakes need pads. It looks like a $500 day for a full brake job, rebuilt caliper, resurfacing the rotors (remember that grinding noise?), and an oil change while they are at it.

What am I doing here at McDonalds. Well I failed to share that I’m typing this on a new laptop that was delivered yesterday. So it’s a good time to spend configuring it to meet my needs and working habits. I’ve been installing software (eating up battery life!) and trying to get the settings to match the home and office machines. There’s still a ways to go, but I still have a couple of hours to wait on the van.

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