Turning Nine

GraceGrace turns 9 tomorrow and we’re having 6 third graders over tonight for a slumber party. I’m getting the ear plugs ready and trying to rest up for the excitement ahead.

How is it possible that Grace is already half way to being grown up? Of course, that is partially dependent on when you define adulthood. I’m trying to remember what I was doing at age 18 . . . but it seems blurry (for good reason given the excesses of later years! When I was 18 I was trying to be a Young Life Leader, going to a local community college to study electronics, attending a charismanic church, and starting to think that drinking might be a part of my life. I was idealistic, stubborn, and ready to take on the world. Now, 25 years later (can that really be true?) I’m still idealistic and stubborn, but less and less sure that the world needs taking on.

Pray for us tonight. I’m too old to have a 9 year old and a 4 year old!

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