Political Change

I met this morning with the group of guys that I gather with weekly for breakfast at Noshville. It’s an eclectic group — another pastor, a sex educator, a health care attorney, and a writer. I’ve been meeting with this group for some three years now, and it’s a safe space where we can talk about anything and pretty much say anything we want. It feeds my soul.

This morning, the conversation turned to the issue of Don Beisswinger. For those who don’t know Don, he’s a retired Vanderbilt Divinity School professor who is about to go to jail for his protest against the School of the Americas. This led us to a conversation on social change in general, and I confessed my frustration at several of the current activists who seem unable to recognize the methodical nature of effecting change. Don’s arrest is a useful form of social protest only if in is accompanied by a broader campaign to expose the great corporate sin that led to that arrest. In essence, Don’s arrest is in vain if there isn’t a coordinated campaign to tap into the symbolic power of the act. In Don’s case, there has been some movement in this direction. But far too often, there has been little understanding of the methadology of civil disobedience as expressed most clearly in the civil rights movement.

It’s with that in mind that I point you to Christy’s 10 Tips for Revolutionaries. I wish all who are considering involvement with social justice would read these and understanding them before taking up their cause.

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