Marketing Christ

Rudy has linked to a Newsweek article on “The Passion” phenomenon. Since I am declaring a moratorium on all writings on The Movie, I won’t comment on the specifics of the article, even when the Christian marketing expert calls evangelical Christianity “the new gay” (hey, I’m not making this up).

Of course, some of the brethren and sisteren will shout “Hallelujah,” now we’re being taken seriously. I’m sure that everyone will jump on the bandwagon of this marketing phenomenon, that Rick Warren will come out with a new line of designer Hawaiian shirts, and that Lee Strobel will introduce “The Case for Plastic Hair.” I have no doubt that evangelical Christians will once again be taken seriously because of our political and economic power — just look at the sales behind The Movie! Suddenly we’re not at the margins of society, but firmly rooted at the center of the American, consumeristic culture. Who knows, PAX might even become a force to be reckoned with in the media world (and Billy Ray Cyrus will single handedly revive the mullet).

Ain’t this great? We can completely throw aside that strange and odd teaching of Jesus (he must have been having a bad day) which says that we will be taken seriously by our love for one another. Who needs that anyway with consultants like Grace Hill Media on our side?

Just wait until Mel’s next movie, “The Life and Loves of Tamar . . . “

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