Aggregator Woes

I ran into some problems with the Macromedia Central reader not updating, but those seem to have worked themselves out. In the mean time, I checked out Bottom Feeder, which was listed on the Atom site as compatible. It’s not — it reads “normal” xml fine, but has problems with Atom formatted xml.

For those of you who read this and wonder what all this gibberish is about, it is possible to use an “aggregator” to go online and scoop up specific information that you want to check out, cutting down on “surf time.” In example, I currently have the Macromedia Blog Reader set up to automatically keep up to date with Jordan Cooper’s blog, Rudy Carrasco’s blog, and several other blogs as well. I also have it scooping in news headlines via Yahoo. The cool thing about the Macromedia software is a small, on-line ticker that will allow me to scan news headlines and blog posts while I’m doing other things. What this does is allow me a quick way to scan the headlines and have some choice in reading what I want to read.

Many folks suggest that this is the future of blogging and the on-line publishing experience. I’m not sure there are enough standards yet to make this so, but it’s fun to play with in the mean time.

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