It’s an omen

This morning I sat with a group of guys who were comparing their exercise and diet routines. One had just been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic, and another in the group also struggles with the disease. I sat quietly in the corner, trying to hide my 100 lb thorn in the flesh, knowing that I should be the one with diabetes.

So I decided to get back on the wagon and do something about it.

After the meeting, I decided to head to the local Shoney’s for soup and salad. Not too long ago I had been there with my wife and they charged significantly less if you only ate soup and salad and didn’t eat off the rest of the food bar. So I went with the best intentions of saving money and counting calories at the same time.Of course, that ensured my discovery when I got to the restaurant that they no longer discounted for eating right, that they wanted me to pay the full price for the food bar no matter what I ate, and (to quote the waitress) I might as well eat whatever I want since I have to pay for it anyway. It was as if the restaurant was the tempter himself. I did good, sticking with just a salad . . . and a helping of lima beans and green beans. After all, I was paying for it anyway.

As I got back to the church, I realized that I had 30 minutes for a walk. I’ve been struggling to find time for exercise. I know I need to do it. But there just doesn’t seem enough time in the day to work it in. So, since it was a pretty day, I decided to walk the perimeter of the church property. I got about 50 yards up the side of the church when my foot got caught in an unseen hole in the grass, throwing me to the ground and twisting my ankle. I hobbled back to the church in pain.

See what happens when I try to behave.

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