Am I Really Quoting the National Review?

Hugoboy pointed me to an article by Deroy Murdock in the National Review which, much to my surprise I agree with. Given my earlier comments on gay marriage and my previous post, it makes a lot of sense to me. Murdock writes:

Social conservatives are working overtime to argue that gay marriage would imperil straight matrimony. They say that if Jack and Joe were united, till death do them part, they would jeopardize husbands and wives, from sea to shining sea.

“We will lose marriage in this nation,” without constitutionally limiting it to heterosexuals, warns Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. The Traditional Values Coalition, meanwhile, sees “same-sex marriage as a way of destroying the concept of marriage altogether.” It would be far easier to take these claims seriously if gay-marriage critics spent as much energy denouncing irresponsible heterosexuals whose behavior undermines traditional marriage. Among prominent Americans, such misdeeds are increasingly ubiquitous.

Exhibit A is musical product Britney Spears’s micromarriage to hometown pal Jason Allen Alexander.

Consistency, consistency, consistency! If we are going to set limits on sexuality and marriage (and I do believe there are limits on both), we need to be consistent in how they are applied. This reminds me of the fact that United Methodists barring gays from ordained ministry, but then not holding accountable those heterosexual ministers who commit adultery. How many times have I heard about affairs between church secretaries and ministers, and then (after the previous marriage dissolves) the minister is “promoted” to a larger church?

Shame on us.

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