Christmas Eve as a Pastor
Here is what I’ve done so far today:

   -Went to the local paper supply warehouse to get special paper for a funeral bulletin that I will need on the 26th.
   -Came back to the church and unloaded the paper from the van.
   -Printed and folded 140 funeral bulletins.
   -Went to Home Depot to get supplies to “wire up” the manger so that it will light up during the service tonight (ya know, the light of the world).
   -Rearranged the poinsettias.
   -Wired up the manger.
   -Gathered communion supplies and arranged the altar table.
   -Setup the sound system.
   -Moved a set of vibraphones out of the chancel.
   -Vacuumed the chancel.
   -Programmed the lighting system for a long dim for the candlelight service.
   -Put out the candles.
   -Rehearsed our two teenagers that are playing Mary and Joseph.
   -Went into panic that I didn’t have a costume for the Innkeeper. I made two phone calls to find out that my panic was unnecessary

And it’s only 11:00 a.m.!

From here, I have to get lunch with my daughter, go to the grocery store for Christmas dinner, purchase stocking stuffers for my wife, go to the cleaners, run everything home, change clothes, and be back here by 5 p.m. to serve communion for a large family that can’t attend the 6 p.m. service.

At least I don’t have a midnight service this year (but, unfortunately, my wife does).

Such is the life of one who only works one day a week.

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