Brian McLaren Website
I first encountered Brian McLaren by accident. I wasn’t familiar with his writings when I attended a workshop at Lake Junaluska on life in the postmodern matrix. I went because Len Sweet was speaking, and frankly I was (surprisingly) unimpressed with Len. But then this balding, ex-hippy type came out and began to speak in his gentle way. He introduced me to a whole new language. More importantly, he handed out copies of his book “A New Kind of Christian,” which I began reading that night. I was blown away. Not because it rocked my theological world. Actually, Neo (the main character of the story) and I shared a similar theology. But what Brian gave me was a new grammar about how to speak on faith. Since that time, I’ve had the chance to be with him a couple of times and I’m always blessed (to use an old churchy word) by his presence and faith.

All of that is to say that he has a new web site. Check it out.

Brian McLaren

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