I’m Not Sure The Saints Were Cheering
This morning was one of those Sundays were worship was a real struggle. I’m sure that many folks were unaware of the stress I was feeling during worship, but Lord knows, it was not one of my finer days in ministry. I was hoping for a different service for All Saints. but I don’t think I pulled it off.

It started with an acolyte crisis. One of our acolytes, I won’t say whom, melted down when she realized that the acolyte robes covered her mini skirt in such a way that it appeared that she didn’t have anything on underneath the robe. There were tears, stamping of feet, etc. For a few minutes, we thought we would have to get a stand in, but then she changed her mind and made it through.

So, I was late getting into the Sanctuary. In my rush to get is, I forgot to bring the communion prayer that I intended to use in our liturgy. It’s a prayer that allows for the reading of the names of those who have died in the past year. So I’m at the communion table trying to compose a prayer on the spot, trying to remember when to read the names, etc. I know I had to look lost.

Did I mention that I dropped the index cards on which folks had written names they wanted read? The image of me on my hands and knees behind the pulpit picking up the cards is one that I would like to forget.

I’m so professional in my ministry aren’t I? Can we “do over” this Sunday.

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