Well I never got around to sharing about Jesus’ sending of the 12 — too many things going on as we prepare to move on Saturday!

This week, I’m looking at Acts Chapter 2. The description of the community of believers at the end of Acts 2 has been idealized by church leaders for centuries. Whenever a reformer has found the Church to be lacking, they appeal to the ideals of Acts 2 in their work to form “the true church.”

It seems to me that the description of the church in Acts 2 and 4 say less about the structure of a church, and much more about common practices which feed community life. Part of what I think I will be talking about on Sunday is the notion of practices, those things which inform how we experience God and community.

Well the girls woke up and I can’t write anymore as they argue over who gets to watch which movie and where. Back to the practice of being a dad, which certainly informs how I experience life.

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