A MethoBlogger at General Conference

The details are still being finalized, but I can now announce that I will be part of the team from United Methodist News Service reporting from the General Conference of the United Methodist Church in Tampa this April and May. They are bringing me along as a sort of blogger in residence, including a social … Continue reading A MethoBlogger at General Conference

Oh, I’m probably going to tick all sorts of people off….

Earlier today, a buddy of mine sent me a link to an interview on the Believe OutLoud website with Amy DeLong, who was recently tried for being an open lesbian and for performing same-sex marriage/covenant ceremonies. In the end, she was acquitted on the first charge for she refused to talk about her sexual practices … Continue reading Oh, I’m probably going to tick all sorts of people off….

8 Reasons That I Am Attending SoulFeast

Yeah, I sound like a broken record, but like any convert I want to encourage anyone who reads this blog, follows me on Facebook or Twitter, or who simply lands here by accident, to think about attending the Upper Room’s Soulfeast Conference at Lake Junaluska. No, it’s not as hip as the Wild Goose Festival, … Continue reading 8 Reasons That I Am Attending SoulFeast

Do United Methodists Believe in Hope?

During the past couple of weeks, in the midst of the conversation surrounding Rob Bell’s book and the dismissal of Chad Holtz from his position in North Carolina, I have found myself engaged in some though on hope. Some of this is due to teaching a class on N.T. Wright’s Surprised by Hope,  in which … Continue reading Do United Methodists Believe in Hope?

An Open Letter to Tony Jones

Dear Tony, We’ve been friends for a while, and I have learned over time to pretty much ignore your rants on denominationalism, recognizing a disconnect with those expressions of faith. But given the latest ramping up of attack with your new Ecclesialeak feature, especially given that you’ve attacked my tribe first, I feel I have … Continue reading An Open Letter to Tony Jones

Understanding Who We Are as Methodists

Arminius’ affirmation that regeneration precedes even the first movement of the will toward God may surprise even many Arminians.  It is usually thought that only Calvinists believe that regeneration precedes conversion.  However, as later Arminians explain perhaps better than Arminius himself did, the regeneration of which the Dutch theologian here spoke is not complete regeneration … Continue reading Understanding Who We Are as Methodists

Pastoral Accountability

A couple of commenters on my post on congregational vitality have suggested that critique of the Council of Bishop’s Call to Action report is based in a discomfort with pastoral accountability. To quote one commenter: “Spiritualize it away all you want, but the old tired notion referencing unmeasurables is a transparent attempt to avoid accountability. … Continue reading Pastoral Accountability

What is Congregational Vitality?

For many years, going back to the Council of Bishop’s “Vital Congregations” initiative (a project I worked on back in pre-1996 UMCom days), the United Methodist Church has talked quite a bit about developing and promoting “vital” congregations. The language of congregational vitality has been on the tips of our tongues as we wring our … Continue reading What is Congregational Vitality?

United Methodist Parsonages

I'm trying to get a sense of the norm regarding parsonage standards throughout the United Methodist connection and need your help. Here in the Tennessee Annual Conference there are published standards for clergy parsonages in our Standing Rules which lay out certain requirements for the house, and specifies what furniture must be provided. In a … Continue reading United Methodist Parsonages