Websites, blogs, and social networks

Here are some resources I use related to website, blog, and social network creation and management:
My preference these days is that sites should be managed with content managers which draw upon databases of information, inserting that into a stock template, rather than the old way of creating pages in HTML and storing them on the site. However, there still is a need at time for HTML editors, so I will mention a couple of options here.
–HTML Editors
Derived from an earlier open source project called NVU, Kompozer is an attempt by the open source community to create a WYSIWYG editor that can compete with commercial options, like Frontpage and Dreamweaver. They’ve done a pretty good job, and it is my HTML editor of choice.
–Content Managers
There are all sorts of open source content management solutions available today, so many in fact that I can’t quite imagine why anyone would pay for a commercial solution. My favorite is drupal, which has become a favorite of many in the open source world. I like it because it is light, ultimately flexible, and easy to use. It has grown to the point that one can pretty much do anything with it, and it is the one I use when I need a content manager.
Blogs and Microblogs:
The hosting site for this blog, and the best free blogging package available
The original blogging service and still very good for beginners. Run by Google, one is pretty certain that their servers are stable, but there are still some strange things along the way in their sites (especially in regards to their RSS feeds).
Created by the founders of Blogger, this site has become the “status bar” of many throughout the net. You can post pretty much anything you want from a variety of sources (messenger, web interface, cell phone, etc.) as long as it doesn’t exceed 140 characters. This is great for short bits of data, and since it publishes a feed, this can be integrated into your other sites.
Tumblr is an interesting service in that it is not quite as full featured as a full fledged blogging site (such as WordPress) but it is more functional that something like Twitter or Jaiku. I think this is a great option for short blurbs, quotes, links, or other small and short bits of information that isn’t as involved as a full blog post. Actually, I think this is probably what 90% of folks who blog should have since they really don’t have that much to say anyway.
Social Networking:

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