Graphics, fonts, and visual resources

One of the secrets of producing professional communication pieces, be they print or on the web, is having good quality visual resources. Here are some sites that I use regularly for these tasks:

Art: A paid site that has a great selection of photos and illustrations at a very reasonable price.
ChurchArt Online A subscription site that has a good selection of church related clipart and cartoons, many of which are in a vector format that can be resized and easily edited.
everystockphoto I have just started using this and it seems to be a clearinghouse for a number of free sites, including the Flickr attribution area. It works pretty well.
Flickr: Creative Commons Flickr is a great photo storage and services site, and it allows photographers a variety of licensing options. This is the main search page for those licenses with Creative Commons licenses, some of which allow for open use with attribution.
stock.xchng Similar to IStockphoto, focused on photographs. They offer some free pix, but they are really a come on to encourage the purchase of pix along the lines of IStockphoto.
Christian Theological Seminary Public Domanin religious images
HermanoLeón Clipart Clipart produced by the Franciscans in South American. Interesting and different looking stuff.
DIBUJOS DE CEREZO – CICLO A – INDICE GRAFICO More clipart from South American, but tied to the lectionary.
Open Clip Art Library I use this occasionally, but haven’t had very much success in finding art that is useful for my purposes.
deviantART Sometimes I am not looking for specific are pieces as much as inspiration. deviantART is a sharing site for artists and there is some cool stuff to check out there.
Liam’s Pictures from Old Books Looking for something old? Liam has been scanning images from old books in the public domain for use in your work
Duke Image library Some interesting things along the way.


SimplytheBest Free Fonts


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