The Power of POV « United Methodeviations

The focus on the mega-church reveals a lot about contemporary North American culture and Western societal norms. We are impressed by immense size, pretty colors, loud sounds, abundant wealth, big buildings, and anything smacking of celebrity. Mega-churches feed our insatiable hunger for the noisy, sparkly, flashy, busy, and big. And as long as all this results in a meaningful and transformative relationship with God, fine. However, it is also important to remember that the vast majority of people who speak of deeply transformative and lasting spiritual experiences do not talk about the church – they speak of special people, places, and events where God became real to them. Rarely do these experiences take place in a church building. More often they occur in intimate relationships, special circumstances, sacred spaces, and at unexpected times. It may be a much more productive use of our time to think of ways to build strong relationships and make creative space than to build big churches with highly structured programs.

The Power of POV « United Methodeviations.

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